PVC the flexible hard

PVC the flexible hard

The hard material made frames. From the nature of the plastic has the flexibility needed to design frames that fit everywhere.

Those who host say the best words for his behavior. And while collecting all the above advantages, it is also hard ... walnut.

This combination is what makes it more desirable, because you think it "really is a good cake." And, you are "supposed". That is not "seem" like saying a quote from trouble and out of "media" KATSIVELI-but also from the inside is that it appears from the outside. Not pretending. Is this showing. That is all the "faithful" in friendships has not betrayed any hitherto expectations.

Also something else important. This "hard" is perfectly adapted to the diverse Greek zone and behaves opposite to the sun, sea air, and warm in the freezing cold, the winds and the "crazy rain" with stability. Not affected by anything as though the cause. And protects the "friend" from unnecessary spending. So the lingering question. How it has become feasible and goes on sale such a "gentleman with all of it."

Who are all these? But of course for PVC hard material made frames. In principle, the nature of the plastic has the flexibility needed to allow the design of profile shapes in frames that fit everywhere (gives solutions to manufacturing problems in Greece).

And of course it allows a number of advantages with the ultimate aim of perfect functionality means absolute safety and curing at closing.

Major advantages it offers:

  • Excellent thermal (coefficient UF = 0,8 w/m2)
  • Perfect Sound (35-40 db)
  • Perfect tightness (three rubbers)
  • Dimensions unchanged from the time (not inflated not warp)
  • Minimal maintenance