Frames Maintenance

Our company has specialized teams to be able to offer full coverage of your needs for maintenance of your frames.

  • Repair your shutters
  • Replacement of worn rollers on sliding windows
  • Replacement of worn pathways - handles on opening frames
  • Replacement of damaged screens

Frames Replacement

To ensure effective insulation, safety, strength and peace, as well as an aesthetic upgrade your space, we offer reasonable priced solutions to replace your old frames with modern insulated aluminum and PVC ones of SCHUCO, ALUMIL, ETEM, VIAL, SALAMANDER.

Reasons to prefer our systems

  • Energy saving
  • Excellent fit
  • High waterproof
  • High soundproof
  • Excellent burglary protection
  • Huge variety of colors
  • Reasonable prices

CONTACT US NOWGet in touch with us now to repair your frames (shutters, screens, rollers, handles, pathways, etc.) and to suggest solutions.